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Car batteries are great when they are working, but there are times when your car battery can be drained, and then you need some help. Whether you have left your car lights on or left the key on in your car, the battery can drain, and then you must figure out how you are going to get your car started. It does not matter what caused your battery to be drained, you will need to have a jump start, and you want it to happen when it is needed. Douglasville Towing & Recovery can offer you a jump start any time of the day or night.

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Affordable Jump Start Services


Douglasville Towing & Recovery offers to jump start car battery service at a reasonable price. We offer this service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are different from the competition. We are reliable, available, and affordable.  If you have tried to start your car and the engine will not turn over, there is a pretty good chance that your car battery is dead. We have trained service technicians that can diagnose the issue and get to the root of the problem in short order. Once we have carefully inspected your vehicle, we can discover the reason for your car not starting and then come up with a plan that will take care of that problem immediately.

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Your vehicle can have a problem at any time of the day or night. We understand the level of frustration that you are likely dealing with. We know that you are looking for proper help, and we aim to provide it to you.  All our technicians understand vehicle batteries and can take care of the recharging, replacement, and jump start of a battery in a fast and efficient manner. When you know that you are experiencing a battery problem, you can reach out to Douglasville Towing & Recovery to receive the help that you need. We can help you to deal with your problem quickly.

We know that many of our competitors only work during regular business hours, but we work day and night and on holidays too.  We promise to address any concerns that you might have and deal with your problems in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Jump Start Car Battery Service is Available 24 Hours Near you


Once you know that your car battery is the issue, you may feel that it needs to be replaced quickly. This can fix the issue, but that may not be a permanent solution. You could end up spending more money on a battery than expected because you need it right away. You will need to discover the exact problem before you take any reactive steps. Douglasville Towing & Recovery can tow your vehicle over to a service center where we can completely diagnose your vehicle at an affordable cost. If the battery needs to be replaced, we will let you now that immediately. We can test your battery to see if it is still viable and if it is, we can jump start your vehicle.

Douglasville Towing & Recovery can also diagnose the issue that is causing your battery to become drained quickly. We can tow your vehicle to our service centre for repairs if needed. If you have simply broken down, drained your battery or have had an accident, we can remedy your issues conveniently and affordably. We are always ready to get our hands dirty so that you do not need to.


Douglasville Towing & Recovery Battery Jump Start Services


If you need car jump start service, Douglasville Towing & Recovery can help. You can contact us any time of the day or night and we will provide you with an estimated time for our arrival. We offer competitive rates and speedy service. We do not use substandard products when we make the necessary repairs and/or adjustments to your vehicle. We can offer you:

  • Installation – if you have a new battery and need it installed, we can do that at whatever location your vehicle is at.
  • Delivery and Installation of Battery: if you need a new battery for your vehicle, we can delivery one and install it for you.

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Can you jump start a car with a completely dead battery?

Yes, you can. All you need is a good set of jumper cables and a fully charged battery to provide a jump start.

When I try to jump my car, it just clicks?

If you hear a rapid clicking noise when you try to start your car it could mean that there is an issue with the electrical system. Maybe your battery is dead but there could also be a problem with the alternator which is how the battery is charged.

Does revving the engine charge the battery?

The battery will charge faster if you rev the engine faster because the faster the crankshaft turns, the faster it turns the alternator belt and when the alternator turns faster it produces more electricity which runs all electrical components in your car and recharges your battery.

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